Michael Hörnlimann Portrait

About Michi

Hey I am Michael or just in short, Michi. I founded michaelH webdesign officially on the 10 October 2017 and since then it stands for webdesign with WordPress, optimised for search engines.

After finishing the IT high school IMS+ as information scientist specialized in application development I knew that that I will not spend my whole life searching for bugs in some source code. Based on that, I took some steps towards project management and in the field of a web agency for which I have worked for four years.

My huge passion about traveling and learn more about foreign cultures brought me the idea to make myself independent and to combine traveling and working on the same time. So since April 2018 I am fortunate to live my dream and confident to add my positive attitude to all my current and future projects in order to make the web a little bit more beautiful.

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