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How to save money in Switzerland

How to save money in Switzerland - tourist edition

How to save money in Switzerland gives you useful tips, no matter if it comes to transportation, food or accommodation - I got you covered.
Ortsunabhängig arbeiten in Bolivien

Working remotely in Bolivia

Working remotely in Bolivia describes my experience with WiFi Tribe. Read about how I managed to combine traveling and working in South America.
Infographic ingredients fast website Teaser

Infographic: Ingredients to a fast WordPress website

The infographic ingredients to a fast WordPress website shows what you need to do in order to get a fast website using WordPress.

GDPR: Preparation and implementation

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming by May 25. Read my blog post to be informed about the measures you need to implement for your WordPress website.

Anonymize IP address for Google Analytics

To comply with the new GDPR and continue using Google Analytics, a little adjustment is needed. This article shows you how to anonymize IP address for Google Analytics.

Brave - browse without being tracked

Brave is a new browser which takes privacy more serious than any other browser. External trackers and ads are blocked by default and guarantee a unique browser experience for its users.