10 reasons why WordPress is the right choice

The following 10 reasons will show you why WordPress is the right choice for your website.

1. It is free

WordPress is free and will always remain free. It is updated continuously and provides new features with every version. This is why I count it as a great CMS, compare with point 3.

2. Support and community

You probably already ran into the situation that you did not know how to proceed. Me too. So WordPress has a large community so help is not an issue normally. People in the community also know a lot about WordPress and are ready to share their knowledge.

3. CMS

A content management system means what it says: you can manage your website content. You can create multiple users and they can also collaborate to your website, add text and upload images. This website runs with WordPress as a CMS and you can say it is kind of the basis of a house, just without painting, windows and everything that belongs to a house.

4. Fabulous backend

The backend is just great! Everybody that I have been talking to so far loves the WordPress backend. It is easy to use and the functions are clear. So the backend is the part of the website which are normal user does not see. Admins create content in the backend which is then visible in the frontend for its users:
WordPress-Backend Beispiel

5. Various themes and templates

A theme gives WordPress the painting, the special thing, the uniqueness. To come back to the house as a metaphor again, a theme kind of does the division into compartments inside the house. The painting also belongs to the theme because it is also visible at the first sight. The amount of WordPress themes is incredible. There are free and premium themes which might confuse you because there are just so many. So it is important to focus on what you want your theme to be able to do and what you want to focus on.
Browse some free themes or premium themes.

6. Around 50’000 plugins

A plugin is a small piece of software which integrates smoothly into WordPress (normally). It provides a particular functionality such as a calendar or a contact form which cannot be done just with WordPress itself. Coming back to the house again, a plugin could be something like a dinner table or a lamp next to the couch. Something that provides value to your house. Good to know is that plugins should be compatible with your latest WordPress version and with your theme, otherwise you might experience some issues.
Plugins are boon and bane at the same time. If you use too many of them, the website gets slower and slower. If you use just a few on the other hand, you do not have all the functionality you want on your website. This is why you should ask yourself if you really need this plugin every time before you install it. I say “as many as needed, as few as possible”.

7. Search engines like WordPress

Seach engines such as Google love WordPress, because the CMS is done well for them. Originally defined as blog platform, WordPress is mostly used as a normal website nowadays. WordPress allows you (by using a plugin), to optimise every page and post you write in the backend. This ensures that as many people as possible find your article via Google if they search for the topic mentioned in the article or the page.
Startpage Screen

8. Multi language

WordPress supports the implementation of multi lingual sites which is particularly in Switzerland a big plus, because of the four languages we have. There are plenty of options how to realise multi language.

9. Simple newsletter integration

Numerous companies have a newsletter for their customers. This is easy to do with WordPress as it lets you integrate the newsletter tool very easy.

10. Shop functionality

It is also possible to sell products over your WordPress website. The existing page can be adapted so the option to have a cart and checkout is visible for all users and they can use your online shop.