3 page speed tools you must know

Do you know if you website is fast enough? If it is optimised for smartphones? How long it takes until the whole website is loaded if the user has a slow data connection? These and further questions can be answered by the following three page speed tools which I use regularly.

It is worth it to use multiple services because every tool will display different values for the same website. If the values are bad on all three tools, it is very likely you should optimise your page by yourself or you ask somebody to do it for you.

Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights
Price: free
Analyses the website for possible optimisations for mobile devices and desktop.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Price: free
Before starting your test, select “Stockholm, Sweden” as server as this one is in Europe. It depends where you are currently located but in most cases choosing the closest one makes sense. Pingdom shows you in detail which parts of the analysed website need how much time to load. The summary of the most important figures can look like this:


Price: free
GTmetrix has its test server in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Depending on where your website is hosted this may decrease the test outcome a bit:


Google PageSpeed, Pingdom and GTmetrix are three good page speed tools. They show you how your website could be optimised and this is all for free. Be aware of not just use one of these tools so you can compare as the values will vary with every tool so you can compare. If done, you can come to a conclusion for yourself and how to proceed with these results. Your main goal should be that your website loads in less than 3 seconds. Like this it is more likely that you will not lose any conversations because of page speed.