3 top plugins for privacy

Privacy and data protection is knows by everybody again – thanks to the GDPR or DSGVO in German.
I would like to introduce you 3 plugins which very much care about data protection and your privacy and therefore do not track personalized data. It all happens anonymous.


This plugin is similar to the big Google Analytics, but it only has the most important functions and does all that, as mentioned, anonymous. Like this I can still see how many people visited my page on my WordPress dashboard, but without IP addresses and everything else which is personalized. All anonymous data remains on my website with this plugin (or on your website if you use this plugin of course) and are not forwarded to any other third party services.

Download Statify

Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee has been developed by the same guy as Statify above. In contrary to the default plugin “Akismet” this plugin cares about privacy. To use it GDPR compliant make sure to disable the following two options:

  • “Öffentliche Spamdatenbank berücksichtigen“ (consider public spam database).
  • „Kommentare nur in einer bestimmten Sprache zulassen“ (allow comments only in specific languages).

Download Antispam Bee


Cachify is a very good alternative to the other big caching plugins such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache because it respects your privacy as well.
A further legally secure option which also makes sure that the quite performance intense caching plugins are not needed anymore is the use of server side caching from specific WordPress hoster. It depends on your webhoster if you can use that feature or not.

Download Cachify