Brave – browse without being tracked

Ever heard of Brave? Probably not. I have also just discovered this browser by accident and I like it!
The browser is currently released in version 0.22.669 which is still beta stadium. I realise it by using it. Brave is good but still contains some little bugs which will probably be fixed within the next weeks. The thing which I really like about Brave is its speed. It is incredibly fast. Almost every website loads so much faster than with Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Privacy is protected

This browser goes one step further than Firefox when it comes to privacy and data protection. It does block several external trackers and ads by third parties. This is the only browser which does it like this nowadays. One of the Firefox bosses is working in the background of this browser as well, even tough it is based on Chromium.
A typical news website contains up to 70 trackers – amazing, right?

Just because of its speed I will keep an eye on this browser and maybe it gets its place as my default browser, who knows.