How to save money in Switzerland – tourist edition

As many people, especially foreigners, still have the impression “Switzerland? That’s so expensive there!”, I will try to give you some helpful tips within the following paragraphs here.

Transport / move around

Depending on what you would like to do and if you want to go to remote regions in the mountains, it makes sense to think about transport beforehand. In general, Swiss public transport is one of the best worldwide. Moreover, if a train is 2min late, some people get upset (I don’t get that, but whatever)… So even if you want to go to the mountains for example, it makes sense to take trains, buses or even a gondola to get there and don’t stick to a car. So whenever possible, use public transport to travel within Switzerland.

Important: Do not use taxis.

Another cool thing is Interrail (if you are European), but you have to buy them before your trip starts as they ship it by your local post and you will get a letter from them. If you are not European, Eurail is basically the same but appropriate for you in this case.