HTTP websites marked as not safe from 01.07.2018

Google announced that their browser Google Chrome will label all websites which are not encrypted as not safe, starting from Juli 2018. It will be clearly visible in the browser by any user. Google’s message is clear: Put your focus on HTTPS now and use it on your website!

Do it now

It is no news that Google like HTTPS and websites which use encryption are ranked better in their search results. If Chrome declares HTTP content clearly as not safe, this is more radical than ever before. Currrently, the user just sees an info icon next to the URL on top which indicates that the connection to the website is not safe. In fact, starting from version 68 which will be launched in July 2018, the following change will be implemented:

HTTP-Websites werden ab 01.07.2018 als unsicher markiert

This means that website admins should change to HTTPS as soon as possible. 68% of Chrome’s traffic uses HTTPS already. It is really easy to implement and mostly not expensive at all. At the beginning there is a bit time needed for the configuration, testing and getting rid of the mixed content (HTTP and HTTPS). As soon as this is done, you are all set and your website is fully encrypted.

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