Summary of my Facebook ad for a budget

To spread out the word for my startup I am currently testing different options. In the past 7 days I had a promotion, a Facebook ad on my Facebook page. I have realised this ad for a small budget and was very excited what will happen. Will the boosted post be seen by many people? Will I get new customers because of it?

Small budget, big range, result

I restricted my budget for the promotion to a moderate amount of CHF 20.-. Facebook then splits this amount on 7 days so not all the money gets spend in the first two days.
The input resulted in 773 reached people in some big Swiss cities, 72 post likes and 1 share.


The figures mentioned above look pretty good on the first sight. If I consider that no new customers notified me about it, the result could have been much better. I did not have any hopes in that experiment and just wanted to see what happens. Next time I will probably more successful and will try to find an alternative to Facebook to advertise my services more efficient.

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