WordPress 4.9.3 maintenance release

WordPress has published the new maintenance release version 4.9.3 today. Most of the websites where version 4.9.2 was active already are updated automatically via backend. If not, the automatic update has been disabled manually because of security issues.

Like in the previous version, this release contains many, 34 to be precise, bugfixes of several issues. These are the most important ones including in WordPress 4.9.3:

  1. Replaces JSHint with esprima.
  2. Avoid page scrolling when opening the media modal.
  3. Several improvements in the customizer.
  4. Fixed the visual view for the backend editor for Internet Explorer 11.
  5. Introduce a custom error handler for MediaElement.js to display a download link if a FLV file cannot be rendered for any reason.
  6. Allow relative URLs in image widget’s link field.
  7. …and further bugfixes and improvements.

Download of WordPress 4.9.3 here wordpress.org

Statistics about WordPress versions

Multiple WordPress site admins do not take the updates seriously. The following grafic proofs that. It can be requested over https://wordpress.org/about/stats at any time.
Just about one third of all WordPress websites uses the version 4.9.x which is a minority. Obviously many users are not aware of the big security risk they are in with their website while not updating it. Another reason could be the lack of time. In this case, just let somebody else do it. But let it be done otherwise the security of the website cannot be guaranteed at all. After all, this required less effort and is easier to achieve than repairing a hacked website – believe me.