WordPress trends 2018

The following aspects will be the trendsetters for WordPress in 2018 in my opinion. Popular things will be further improved and new features will pop up – the perfect mixture. In addition, WordPress itself becomes 15 years old. What does this all mean for bloggers, web designers and companies? Here are my WordPress trends 2018.

WordPress 5.0

We can be very excited about WordPress 5.0, the next major release from WordPress. It is not yet clear which changes will be part of it. It is also not public yet when version 5.0 will be released – so many unknown variables in here. After version 4.0 which was released in 2014 it is the next big release from WordPress.

Video slider

Normal image slider are already quite popular on many websites as the example from the Zurich Film Festival shows.

Images like this grab a lot of attention from a visitor. They are mostly visible for 5 seconds and enriched with a title, a short text and a call to action button. This button can bring the user to a product detail page or redirects to a subpage where there is more relevant content displayed.

What comes up even more nowadays are video slider. Instead of images, people embed videos on their home page to advertise it. If the video is done in a good quality, you can just watch it and do not have to do anything else which is very convenient. This connects the user and the website for a longer time and gives them a nice first impression.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

2017 was already an important year for smartphones and tablets when it comes to websites. 2018 will be even more important. Traffic increases a lot over these devices as people are online more often and longer. Everybody wants to be reachable permanently. The focus will also be shifted to optimising websites regarding page speed on mobile devices. The website should be able to be displayed within seconds as well if the connection of a user is slow, otherwise people will go somewhere else pretty fast.


The most popular shop plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, will grow more and more. It is also used in every fourth webshop combined with WordPress nowadays.

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