WPML 3.9 released

The most popular plugin for translating WordPress content, WPML (WordPress multi language), is available in a new version.
According to its newsletter the major update contains some nice improvements concerning the translation process to other languages. Without duplicating the content of the original language the content is displayed there as well. This option is configurable in the backend and therefore optional because not everybody might like it.
The blog post from WPML describes the changes of the new version in detail.

WPML update not visible in the backend

If you occur the same as I did and the update of some WPML components is not visible for you in the backend, you can do the following.

  1. Search for “WPML” at the plugin page and click at the link “Register” there.
  2. Click at the button “Search for updates” so the system displays the most recent version.
  3. Go back to the plugin overview page so you can now update the WPML components to version 3.9.

Tip: do not use flags

Some websites do it but I would not recommend it. They use flags to indicate the multi language of their website. This idea might sound good, but it is not. Can you guess why?
It is pretty easy. Icons like these flags cannot be read by all persons as you can imagine. So this is not a very good user experience. In addition, the flag for German is the one from Germany. What about websites from other German speaking countries such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Austria? People speak German there as well but you can only use the German flag which I can think is not the best thing.

So my recommendation for WPML is: Use two letters per language which are clearly understandable. DE stands for German, EN for English, FR for French etc. No flag, no misunderstanding.