WPML stops selling lifetime plans by May

As you may know I a big supporter and fan of WPML. When it comes to WordPress and multi language it is the best plugin in my opinion. Besides the flawless integration in WordPress and the easy process of translating content and other parts of WordPress, I also like the model of them and how it can be purchased. Now I should say that I liked it.

In a couple weeks WPML stops selling lifetime plans even tough they are super popular. Nowadays you can purchase the whole package for USD 195 which includes lifetime updates and no following costs which is pretty cool. This will change to a general subscription plan which other providers offers as well and where you have to pay each year again to renew it. One more time it is just because of money but well, they probably need more manpower to support more and more clients using WPML.

As described in the official blog post from WPML the new accounts will be a lot more expensive than the current ones. Tip from my side: Get a lifetime account as long as it is still available to save some bucks.

What will change?

If software companies want more money for their service or tool, they have to (or should) provide more value as well. Sometimes they do it, sometimes they do not. WPML announces that we will have a brandnew translation editor soon including an own glossary and correction suggestions of wrong spelt words. Sounds pretty cool.
WPML adds to their statement that they think the support lacks on fast response times and they want to focus on that as well and improve it a lot. Customers should get feedback as fast as possible and not after a few days which is sometimes the case currently.
So this sounds very much like more manpower to me and that WPML will get even more professional in what they are doing which sounds pretty awesome.

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