Case study Pro Short

Within this case study Pro Short I will make a before/after comparison. The case study points out the improvements concerning responsive design and page speed for smartphones and desktop.

The website did not have a HTTPS protocol before neither was it optimised for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With specific measures in WordPress I have optimised and improved these points. The website visitor has now a better experience and an improved overview on the website. In addition, the change of languages between German and French is solved smoother now. The particular language version from a page is now captured separately and this avoids a language mix.

As another improvement I can name the plain contact form which enriches the website with an option to contact the association.


The new design is as plain as before, but optimised for tablets and smartphones as well. It has a straight line throughout all pages. The navigation was in the left sidebar before. I moved it to the top as this makes it easier for the user to navigate.

PageSpeed smartphone

Due to the fact that the website was not optimised for mobile devices before it is now even more important to see that this value increased. It “only” increased for 16 points, but to reach the maximum of 100 points at Google is very difficult. It is more important in my opinion that the user has fast loading times on the smartphone, also for slow connections.

PageSpeed desktop

The speed for the desktop view could be improved by 30 points with specific measures. I consider this as a very good improvement.